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The Curse Of Breyville house is a 2d horror game with a top-down perspective, using a stealth line-of-sight mechanic. You can only see the ghosts if you are facing them with an unobstructed view - but equally, they will only attack you if they can see you. Once you've figured out the puzzles and challenges, the game takes 15-20 minutes to complete, depending on whether you aim for 100% "story item" score. There are no save points: death is the end.

Suzie doesn't believe in ghosts, so when her friends dare her to spend a night in the "haunted" Breyville House she confidently agrees to do it. However, when she steps inside the abandoned Victorian mansion, the door swings shut and she can't get it open. Trapped inside, she has no choice but to search for some way to get out.

Discover the clues about what happened here, from previous victims, the diaries of the residents, and other items, and piece together the tragic tale of the Breyvilles.

Explore the house and unravel the dark myseries that lie beneath, revealing the origins of the curse.

Evade the horrors that lie in wait for Suzie, and maybe she will escape the doomed souls drained by The Curse of Breyville House

CONTENT NOTE: Some story text items imply/reference punishment and/or torture. The diary/clue items in inventory can be ignored and will not open unless selected.

Installer or .zip both provided for Windows, so you can choose which method you're happiest to use.

This is my first game in GameMaker Studio 2, but I'm pleased a) to have finished something and b) with how it turned out. I am deeply indebted to the many wonderful people of the Cambridge Game Creators meetup group, whose monthly in-person feedback (prior to Covid and lockdown) were invaluable in both encouraging me and improving the gameplay.


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